Rumor has it, some of you have questions! So I figured I'd answer a few of the more common ones. If you feel curious about anything that isn't on up here, fire a question on over to my inbox and we'll get it all sorted out for ya: chris@artisticways.com

Can I use your artwork on my own project?!

I have certain rules about this sort of thing. Some images are owned by companies and have contractual ownership or at least a copyright of the picture. Therefore any use of it beyond their own products puts you and possibly myself in a hard spot. Contact me for information and we'll work it out. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I have to say no. Just ask.

Can you tell me how to break into the industry?

Don't give up. Don't make excuses for laziness. Get in contact with people who do what you want to do and learn from them/hear what they have to say - absorb it all. BE PASSIONATE.

What supplies do you use?

I draw with a range of pencils, 2h to usually 4b or so. I will deviate from this as needed for the image. I try not to be a slave to the tool - if the picture needs something different to be successful, I'm going to give it a shot.

Digitally I'm using a Wacom Intuos 9x12 tablet. I use this in conjunction with painter and photoshop, I don't even know what versions anymore. In the end I'd say I do 80% of my work in Photoshop with a wide variety of default and custom brushes (that I won't be sharing, because I'm lazy).

Beyond that, all I can say is that really the tools don't make the artist. Work with what you have, and love what you do. You'll get results.

How long have you drawn, like... seriously?

Seriously drawn? Since about my Sophomore year in High School (Say between 1999 and 2000). I'm not a prodigy, I wasn't born with innate talent. I built up what I have like any normal skill over the years. It's not so much how often you practice but what you practice. Take the time and do it the right way..... as opposed to the way that I did it. Which I assure you was the long road.

What inspires you?

A shorter list would be of what doesn't inspire me. I'm always looking at artwork, at the environment, or listening to stories from those around me. I love to take it all in, experience what I can, and let it turn into what it turns into. Artist wise, it's a VERY long list. To name a few? Todd Lockwood, Maxfield Parrish, Frank Frazetta, Brom, Norman Rockwell, John Howe, and a good many more.

How did you learn?

Any way that I bloody well could. I am primarily self taught, though with the realization that rarely do we learn purely by ourselves. I've absorbed through demos, trial and error (a lot of error), observing and applying, countless hours of practice, and so on. I will gladly admit that I have holes in my knowledge - but that's a part of the journey. I'm always learning.

I've taken minor classes. Life drawing, some color theory, composition were the subjects I took some lessons on.

Will you critique my portfolio?

You bet! I would love to. Please don't slam me with attachments though. If you have a web gallery or just links I'd love to look at your work and offer some advice. We're all in this together after all.

Do you sell your originals?

Yes. I'll have a shop available soon, I hope (just like I've said for the last 5+ years).

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