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Favorite artists!
Brian Despain
Christophe Vacher
Clayton Crain
Howard Lyon
Isaiah Sherman
James Ryman
Jason Engle
Jeff Miracola
Jo Chen
Jon Foster
JP Targete
Justin Sweet
Kari Christensen
Ken Meyer Jr.
Kev Crossley
Kieran Yanner
LeSean Thomas
Linda Bergkvist
Luciole Loong
Matt Dixon
Matt Stawicki
Patrick McEvoy
Raven Mimura
Rob Thomas
Scott Purdy
Shawn Ye
Simon Dominic Brewer
Steve Prescott
Todd Lockwood
Torstein Norstrand
Tyler Walpole
Vinod Rams
Wayne Reynolds
Clients and products
Fantasy Flight Games
A Game of Thrones ccg (2006)
Great White Games
Kenzer & Co
Blood and Shadows: Dark Elves of Tellene (2004)
Max Protection
Redmist Castle
Wizards of The Coast
Races of The Dragon (2006)
Tomb of Magic(2006)
Zeitgeist Games
Players Guide to Blackmoor (2006)
Blackmoor: Temple of The Frog (2006)
Blackmoor: Peshwah Race Book (2007)

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